Wood Floor Installation and Repairs

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Hardwood floors are one of the mainstays of the American household, and this has been the case for a near endless number of years – and with very good reason. Wood floors are a veritable powerhouse choice for many different settings and circumstances, and bring a real touch of class to the property. They provide a set of benefits that keep property owners coming back time and time again, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. At Delaware County Flooring Services, we’re highly experienced when it comes to delivering these provisions, and if you choose to go ahead with us for your project, we’re certain you’ll be glad you did.

A Touch of Class
If there’s one thing that hardwood floors have bags of, it’s aesthetic appeal. You’ll certainly add a sense of elegance and luxury to your property if you choose to install a wood floor, regardless of the exact type of wood and grain that you choose to go with. Hardwood floors have a reputation for making spaces seem bigger too, which is excellent for property owners looking to sell, or for those who just want to enjoy the space. This is a timeless look for any building, and surely won’t go out of fashion in the years to come.

Variety of Wood
Wood isn’t just a single material without any variation – there are hundreds of different permutations possible when you consider the species, color, grain, and age of the wood that you’re choosing. There’s a staggering amount of choice available at your fingertips, you need only reach out and take what appeals to you most. We can help deliberate with you on the advantages of one kind against another, but regardless, we’re certain that you’ll be ecstatic with the results of whatever material you choose to go ahead with.

Consider Alternatives

Conventional hardwood floors are a massively popular choice, and it will continue to be that way – but there are excellent alternatives in the same family of flooring. Both cork flooring and bamboo flooring have their own potential benefits for you and your property, and we can run you through more information on these materials that might make them the best choice for you. Both of these are relatively new to the flooring game, at least compared with hardwood, but they’ve managed to carve out a place in the industry because they represent real value. Our installers have lots of experience in fitting these floors, and you’ll get the same excellent quality of fitting that you would get with any other material installation we provide.

Maintenance and Conditioning
It’s possible that any floor you choose will suffer from some damage, especially if you’ve had it for a long time. Fortunately, we’re available to provide the kind of floor refinishing and repair services that will restore your hardwood floor to its best condition. Whether it needs sanding and refinishing, or some areas of the floor need replacement, we have the expertise to get the job done in a quick and painless manner.