Luxury Vinyl Plank

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Luxury vinyl plank flooring is becoming a popular choice in all sorts of settings across Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States, and that comes as no surprise to us at Delaware County Flooring Services. There are lots of benefits to choosing vinyl plank flooring, and as it gets used in more and more households, cafes, offices, and commercial properties, we believe it’s popularity is only going to grow exponentially. We’re getting more requests every day to undertake vinyl plank flooring installations, and our customers rave about the results they receive. For some more detail on this modern phenomenon, read on below.

Plank vs. Tile and Sheet
You’re probably familiar with vinyl as a flooring option, but maybe you’ll only have known about vinyl sheets and tiles – the more traditional vinyl options on the market. Luxury vinyl planks have several advantages over sheets in particular – and chief among them is that it tends to have a sturdy fiberglass backing to it, which sheets do not. This achieves a rigidity that simply isn’t possible through vinyl sheets. Generally speaking, they also achieve a more satisfying aesthetic, and if any damage or decay occurs, you can more easily replace or repair a plank than you can a sheet – as often entire sheets will need to be replaced since it’s installed in one large piece.

Water Resistant
A major advantage of choosing vinyl plank flooring is that it is completely water resistant – something that some other flooring materials can really suffer from. Surface water spillages and other moisture spills won’t damage the floor in a way that might wreak havoc on a hardwood floor
, for example. This makes it an ideal choice for areas where moisture leaks are expected – such as bathrooms, basements, or kitchens, and larger commercial spaces like restaurants and cafes.
Enduring Robustness

Like vinyl sheets and tiles, you can expect vinyl plank flooring to retain the same robust durability that you’ve come to expect from this material. The commercial grade wear that you can get with luxury vinyl plank flooring is second to none, and makes it perfect for areas where you’re expecting a lot of foot traffic. Larger commercial spaces like warehouses and workshops often choose to go ahead with this flooring choice, as – along with the other practical advantages on offer – you can expect wear and tear to happen very slowly with this fine material choice.

Maintenance & Repairs
Although this flooring is extremely hard wearing and water resistant, as with any other surface material, damage is a possibility. Fortunately, you can expect a totally straightforward and stress free repair process if such an occurrence takes place. Planks are easily replaced, and seamlessly fit in with the rest of the set up. If you have very minor damage that doesn’t call for plank replacement, it’s possible to repair the marks with patching and other techniques that our repairmen are well versed in. Rest assured, once you have us on the case, it’ll be no time before your LVP floor is looking back at its best.