Floor Refinishing

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When you’ve had a flooring installation for several years, even decades, it can start to lose it’s glamor and visual appeal. It might be that it isn’t actually damaged, it doesn’t have scratches or dents, but it doesn’t have the aesthetic qualities that it might have had previously. In these cases, you’ll want to consider floor refinishing to restore it to its former glory. At Delaware County Flooring Services, we routinely carry out refinishing for our customers in the area, and we’re often told how the results they receive resemble a brand new installation, not something that’s been there for 10 years or more. If your floor is looking a bit dated, consider our services to get it back looking its best.

Hardwood Refinishing
The most common refinishing requests we receive concern hardwood floors, which can sometimes suffer from scratching, fading, or discoloration. When new, hardwood flooring really adds a touch of class to your home – it screams good taste and it looks expensive. When it begins to suffer from the above problems, it has the opposite effect. It looks like you aren’t concerned with the state of your home, and it’ll make a bad impression on any guests that see it. Obviously, this is a nightmare if you’re trying to sell your home.

Bottom Lines
When you choose to invest in a hardwood floor, you’re putting a lot of your hard earned cash into it – depending on what you went with, they can cost thousands of dollars, and that’s no small sum. This being the case, you’ll want to extract the absolute maximum value out of the transaction that you can. Wood floor refinishing is infinitely more affordable than choosing to go with a new installation, and the results we can achieve through our expertise, if the floor is indeed reparable, will match or exceed anything you might expect from a new installation. If you’re watching your bottom line, you’d be mad not to go ahead with our refinishing service.

Valuation Perks
If you’re concerned with the valuation of your home, floor refinishing is a low cost way of bolstering its value. Aesthetics really matter when it comes to home valuations, and by investing in our services, you’ll find that not only does your valuation increase, but you’ll also find that potential buyers are more attracted to the property. When people move into a new home, they prefer not to deal with having to refinish floors or repaint walls – even if this process is very straightforward and stress free.

Our Process
If you decide to go ahead with this service, you’ll find that we’re uncomplicated in our approach, and that it’s designed to cause as little disruption to your home as possible. We’ll make evaluations of the damage and decay on the floor surface, and advise on whether refinishing is possible or advisable up against a new installation. Once this is done we’ll carry out the necessary repairs, like sanding and varnishing – for example – before delivering the final product to you. We’re sure that the results will leave you more than happy.